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MPowder is a business born out of a personal journey. My own perimenopause experience was tough. Like so many in our community, I was knocked sideways by a host of symptoms and a lifestage I knew nothing about.

The truth is that far too little scaled research exists into the reasons for and the impact of menopause. Even less is available on the potential of plants, herbs and botanicals. 

1. Gen M Invisibility Report tracker 2022 
3. Gen M Invisibility Report tracker 2022

But we do know that:

• The menopause transition begins much earlier than your clients expect it to. 6 in 10 of us feel ‘blindsided’, with less than 50% of us able to name more than 3 of the 48 symptoms now associated with menopause.1

• lindsided’, with less than 50% of us able to name more than 3 of the 48 symptoms now associated with menopause.Our hormones are directly impacted by external stressors. In menopause, internal biochemical changes exacerbate the way we process and respond to stress.

• Our metabolic rate is directly impacted by menopause. Research from the Zoe Project and Kings’ College in 2023 highlighted the correlation between the lifestage and fundamental changes to our microbiota.2

• 49% of us do not plan on taking HRT. Whilst we’re big supporters of medical protocols alongside nutritional and naturopathic intervention, this statistic highlights the important role practitioners like you have in supporting females across this 8-10 year timespan.3

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TUE, 4 JULY 2023, 7PM-8PM BST

Gut health in menopause: the herbs & protocols to nourish it.

Learn about: The role of our gut biome in overall healthThe impact of hormonal transition on our gut biomeResearch exploring the herb, plants and protocols that can support our gut.

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TUE, 19 SEPT 2023, 7PM-8PM BST

Stress, hormones & menopause: the herbs & protocols that work

In this workshop we will explore: The complex relationship between external and internal stressors and our hormones. The growing body of research analysing the positive impact of holistic practices on stress. The potential of herbs and protocols in supporting a stressed system.

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