1:1 Bespoke Naturopathic Consultation
Dr Vera Martins - PhD, DipBSLM, MAMH

1:1 Bespoke Naturopathic Consultation

What to expect:

Vera is a Naturopath and Herbalist with a PhD in Biology. She is also a Lifestyle Medicine Certified practitioner. Put simply, she is a scientist who fell in love with natural health! Today she specialises in female health, working alongside medical practitioners and clinics and MPowder's expert team.

Vera has extensive experience in supporting women in balancing their hormones and optimising their health during perimenopause and post-menopause, including those on HRT.

Whether it’s addressing your gut health, managing stress, sleeping better, achieving & maintaining a healthy weight, having more energy, or simply just getting back that sense of ”feeling like yourself”, Vera's deep experience will support you every step of the way.

Vera truly believes that the menopause can be a very transformative and invigorating stage of a woman's life, but as such it calls for a re-evaluation of nutritional and lifestyle habits. Naturopathy, with its 360-degree approach to health, can be a key tool to support body and mind in this journey. 

What is included:

In this 75 minute 1:1 consultation, Vera will work with the information you supply in your health questionnaire to propose a plan uniquely for you. Recommendations may include:

  • Nutrition advice

  • A bespoke herbal prescription in the form of a tincture, powder or capsules

  • Nutritional supplements (both within and outside the MPowder range, based on your needs)

  • Lifestyle advice

  • Diagnostic functional tests (via your GP or functional tests through a private laboratory) or a visit to your GP for further clarification of any suspected under diagnosed health condition

Depending on the complexity of your needs, Vera may suggest a follow up appointment 4-5 weeks later. Please note this is entirely optional, and would be costed separately.

Notes: Please note that, whenever you work with a complementary therapist, you should always discuss any treatment proposed with your medical practitioner before implementing, particularly if you have an underlying health condition or are on medication. 


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