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It’s not about the number on the scales

25 Jun, 2023

'Loving kindness' for all we ask our bodies to carry.

25 Jun, 2023

This week we ran a poll in our closed Facebook Group, The Powder Room, asking our community what they wanted us to cover next in our Meno.Well Masterclass Programme. And 38% of us would like a rerun of January’s brilliant session with Dr. Martins on Weight Management and Menopause.

We now have a large bank of qualitative data, courtesy of the brilliant Tim Spector and his team at King’s College London, that shows the impact menopause can have on our metabolic rate. The inner critic that may be whispering to you that any change in shape is ‘your fault’; that you are ‘greedy’, ‘undisciplined’ or ‘lazy’ needs to read the research!

Our hormones impact every single cell in the body and, like an orchestra, when a few instruments are out of tune, everything is impacted. It’s why menopause comes with such a diverse set of symptoms.

The good news? Our bodies want to be in balance. They want to keep us well.

From punishment to nourishment

We often cite nutrition as a foundation layer in midlife because it can deliver, relatively swiftly, a shift in energy levels, mood, sleep quality and cognitive function. It can act as a step up to having the motivation to take better care of ourselves in other areas too; to get to the doctor to talk about HRT, to get out in nature..or to have the confidence and energy to have that difficult conversation with a loved one or at work. And yes, the right nutrition can keep our weight balanced in midlife too.

We’ll be returning to the topic of food in our Masterclass series very soon.

But, in the meantime, I invite you to try a practice I’ve started adopting more in recent weeks when I’ve needed a little hug. Metta Meditation - or the practice of ‘loving kindness’ recognises the impact that self acceptance, personal safety and love can have on the world. It encourages us to turn some of the love we offer so freely, inwards first - before consciously allowing it to radiate outwards.

And, it is a practice that may help us reframe the way we view ourselves physically in midlife; a tool to help us shift from self-criticism to, (to paraphrase our wonderful coach and the voice behind this recording Henny Flynn!), self-compassion.

Set aside a few minutes. Put aside any expectation, and see where this recording takes you.


Wishing each of you a restful Sunday.
With love, Rebekah & The MPowder Team

Safety note: Nature packs a powerful punch. Before making any changes to your lifestyle, always seek advice from your medical practitioner - and remember supplements and wholefoods can impact absorption of prescription medicines.

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