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Meet our hand-picked team of menopause specialists.

Dr Vera Martins

Vera is a naturopath and herbalist with a PhD in Biology. She specialises in hormone balance (menopause, perimenopause, PMS, PCOS, fertility)- using a combination of nutrition, supplements/herbal medicine and lifestyle, to help women feel their best.

“Whether it’s managing stress, sleeping better, losing weight, having more energy, or simply just getting back that sense of ”feeling like yourself”, I am here to support you all along the way.”

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Dr Kat Lederle

Dr Kat (PhD) is a sleep specialist and body clock expert. She provides 1-2-1 support to women who struggle with sleep, helping them feel good and energised throughout the day.

In her approach, Dr Kat combines sleep science with mindfulness and acceptance-based principles with compassion at its core. It’s about goal-setting and taking committed action.

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Dr Julie Moltke

CBD for Menpoause

Dr Julie Moltke is a medical doctor with a holistic approach and a specialty in mental health, stress reduction, and medicinal cannabis/CBD. She offers holistic consultations, taking a 360-degree view of the client and from there she helps incorporate methods to improve physical, mental, and emotional health. Offerings can include optimisation of lifestyle habits, supplement regime, and diet, sometimes based on various kinds of lab tests.

Prices start at £125 for a single consultation, or £400 GBP for a programme of 4 consultations.

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Henny Flynn


Having supported many women making deep and lasting changes in their lives, Henny saw the need to create The Positive Menopause. A nurturing, 1-to-1 programme of support for women going through this transformative life-stage. Using her professional expertise and personal experience, she helps women change their self-perception, beliefs and behaviours, leading to a deeper sense of self-care that supports them through menopause and beyond. Taking time for yourself is a powerful, positive process, whatever stage of menopause you are at. Through unique conversation with Henny, you'll find the best way, for you, to move forward.

Clarity, Calm & Confidence.

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Gabriella Espinosa

Yoga, Breathwork and Nutrition

Gabriella is the founder of Women’s Body Wisdom, a business that holistically supports women’s hormonal health. Inspired by her training as a nutritional therapist, yoga/meditation teacher and somatic movement practitioner, she is committed to empowering and educating women to connect with their bodies, take charge of their hormonal health and live their fullest potential. She offers 1-1 bespoke Yoga, Nutrition and Wellness For Perimenopause, Menopause & Beyond.

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Abi Adams

Movement & Menstrual Cycle

Abi is a movement coach specialising in the relationship between hormones and physical movement. She will get you moving with your menstrual cycle, empowering every choice you make when it comes to your unique health and wellbeing needs. Giving you mental, emotional and physical freedom and most importantly, putting the fun into the way you exercise.

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Ross Stephenson

Acupuncture & Meditation

With a focus on engaging the parasympathetic nervous system, Ross has extensive experience in helping clients navigate the challenges of menopause using the unique insights provided by Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has practiced Buddhist meditation since 1999, and is trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), a meditation practice which has been shown in recent research to improve quality of life scores in women during menopause.

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For ‘in person’ appointments please contact Ross directly to arrange on +447904 378004

Jo Darling

Chinese Medicine & Self-Care

Harnessing the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine Jo has been using her expertise to help women live healthier, happier lives for over a decade. Jo offers 121 personalised self-care support, teaching techniques including Acupressure and AcuOil (blending the power of acupuncture with the therapeutic effects of essential oils), online and in person.

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Gazelli House

Bespoke Menopause Services

Each experience of Menopause is different, and Gazelli - a three storey house of wellbeing in South Kensington - is here to help. Together we will find ways in which you will be able to understand the needs of your mind, body, skin and soul. We are here to listen and find solutions that will help you to flow through and embrace this next stage of life. We believe that every woman can cultivate a powerfully positive outlook and transition, especially when they are equipped with the right approach for them.

Consultations can be booked via for a telephone or in-person appointment to discuss your unique needs and create treatments to suit you. There is a fixed price for consultation, redeemable thereafter against a treatment, or package of treatments.

To learn more, email below.

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From yoga to female leadership, from acupuncture to dietary change, from HRT to CBD, we’ve here to help you find the tools and practices to change, ‘the change’.

A daily scoop of natural goodness should have a real impact on how you feel as you transition through menopause. But we also know that our powders are not a silver bullet. They are a foundational layer. They mark the beginning, for many of our community, of listening to themselves; for working out what they need.

And often, they find new tools and practices help them nourish body and mind. This is where our specialists can help.

NOTE. We are currently offering digital consultations within the EU only.

‘ MPowder has been a wonderful addition to my morning routine, playing such a vital role in maintaining balance throughout my peri-menopause journey. From the first few days of starting MPowder I felt like I had been plugged in, my energy increased, my skin glowed and most of all the niggly little peri-menopausal symptoms started to subside.’


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