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89% of women saw positive improvements to symptoms across all markers

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Peri-Boost Trialist

My experience with Peri-Boost has been incredible.

Very easy to incorporate it into my morning smoothie, added it to pancakes a few times too! The programme has also been incredibly easy to follow, with amazing support throughout! I give it a superstar!


Peri-Boost Trialist

The MPowder programme has had a huge, positive impact on my wellbeing.

Taking the time to really understand what has been going on with my body has been beneficial to managing my symptoms, and I have learned so much. The expert sessions in The Powder Room have been informative and good fun and it’s been great to connect with others who are at the same stage in life. I was rubbish at managing my diet before, and this has definitely improved over the past 6 weeks, and the physical and mental benefits of the programme have made a real difference. I would rate MPowder 5/5 based on the product, support and the company values.


Peri-Boost Trialist

The thing that makes the MPowder programme so unique, is that it is a 360 degree approach to wellness for women.

The programme invites you to explore every part of your being with a deep appreciation that the menopause isn’t as simple as an annoying and inevitable hormonal shift. It is a complete rebalancing, renegotiation and revisiting of what it means to be a woman. You are supported not only nutritionally, but physically, spiritually and philosophically by an incredible community.


Peri-Boost Trialist

Being part of the MPowder community has been amazing.

The smoothie shakes have become part of my daily routine and my skin is glowing! But best of all, I’ve found a group of top experts, which I didn’t even realise was part of the package. Getting precious insight from these incredible women has helped me understand my body and emotions much more clearly. 5/5!


Peri-Boost Trialist

The Peri-boost powder gives me an energy boost in the morning; more than my usual tea/coffee intake!

5/5 rating for thought, consideration and genuine care that has gone into creating the powder and the programme. It really comes across how both have come from a real need and a desire to help others through this time of change.


Peri-Boost Trialist

I’ve loved this whole experience. Learning from experts about how to learn about myself. I really feel I have turned a corner with accepting this challenging time. I am now embracing the change.

The powder is now a part of my morning routine and I am definitely going to continue taking it. My nails are stronger and I generally feel better. I’m not really sure how you would quantify that. I feel my body wants the powder. Just like when I have a choice of more chips or broccoli I choose broccoli. Bonkers I know but I feel like I’m in tune with what my body needs. I would absolutely recommend MPowder and it’s a 5 rating from me. I’m so very grateful for this opportunity.


Peri-Boost Trialist

Over the last 2 weeks, especially, people are commenting on my skin & saying it looks brighter & my eyes are sparkling. And even though I’m not sleeping too well, I don’t feel as fatigued either.

I do feel there has been a difference taking the powder which I have most mornings blended with other healthy ingredients. I’ve been raving about it to my other peri friends! I will continue to take it. It’s amazing the time & effort that has gone into this product. You guys really care & are so passionate it’s hard not to be on board & notice the difference - especially in my low points. Thanks again.


Peri-Boost Trialist

MPowder has been a wonderful addition to my morning routine, playing such a vital role in maintaining balance throughout my peri-menopause journey. From the first few days of starting MPowder I felt like I had been plugged in, my energy increased, my skin glowed and most of all the niggly little peri-menopausal symptoms started to subside.

Generally, I used MPowder as part of my morning smoothie mix, however I also used the powder as an added ingredient to make protein balls so I could take it with me for hikes and camping trips.

The programme was fantastic and really complimented the powder, a real bonus! the programme included various menopause experts to teach us all about living a healthy balanced lifestyle.

I felt the programme helped me see my blind spots in terms of health and wellbeing which in turn is now helping me so much on this peri-menopause journey. I felt also that the program connected us women together, allowing us a space to share our journeys with each other, I certainly felt connected and honoured to have made some new friends. I highly recommend MPowder and rate it full marks which is 5.

Thank you so much for including me in this trial, I have gained so much from it and the support and education has been phenomenal, I can’t wait to see this product take off and I am already recommending it to all my peri-menopausal clients and friends.


Peri-Boost Trialist

MPowder is a good quality product.

I was taking a collagen product some months back (which I stopped while taking the MPowder) and for my weight training I was taking a protein powder supplement so I’m used to taking powdered supplements. I think MPowder is a good quality product. The texture mixes really well with yogurt or liquids. The taste is acquired. I think of it as the kind of product I take for good health, like a fish oil, not to be mistaken as a sugary treat which would obviously defeat the purpose. I like the packaging as it held well and kept the powder dry. I would love to have a higher percentage of protein in the product.

It took around 4 weeks before I noticed a difference in my skin and nails. My skin has a nice healthy sheen/glow and it’s been a long time since my nails have been so long and strong.


Peri-Boost Trialist

I would give it a 4.

Honoured to help by being a Maker with MPowder - and the opportunities that I've been given to enhance, not just mine, but many women's lives.

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The first few days of starting, I actually felt like someone had plugged me in!