Health Concierge

Support - for the long term. We’re here for it all. Get advice (and oodles of understanding) from our in-house Health Concierge. Our complimentary wrap-around service is here to support and advise you through your menopause journey.

We listen first. We explain the research, deliver the evidence, and verify everything we offer to our community. And we look to you to drive our direction of travel. From guidance on the right supplements and services for you, to workshops for curious minds, to 1:1 consultations. We’re here for you whenever you need us.

Find Your Boost

Our plant-powered supplements are tailored to each biostage of menopause.

Take our one-minute test to match the right nutritional foundation for your journey stage (our focus is on the nutritional hit your body needs at this life stage, so our boosts can be a great complement to HRT too). If you feel you need some extra guidance, then please do reach out to us, our health concierge will be happy to help you.

Symptom Tracker

Every menopause journey is different. Our job is to help you work out what works for you. 

Our complimentary SMS (text message) symptom tracker provides data-driven feedback enabling you to identify the efficacy of our blends by tracking your symptoms with us, for 30 days post purchase. You’ll receive a personalised progress report at the end of the month, individual information and support on managing any symptoms that continue to be an issue, with a 1:1 conversation whenever you need it.

Then, if helpful, we can connect you directly, for free, to the right member from our expert team of practitioners who may be able to provide more tailored guidance. We're more than a product range, we're a community. And we'll do everything we can to support you.

The Powder Room

We'd love to welcome you to our private Facebook community.

The Powder Room, a small, intimate environment to share stories, tips, and explore solutions that work, together. We thrive on a generous spirit, support, and understanding, with a good dollop of kindness. Full of free workshop recordings, worksheets, conversation starters, and relevant articles. This safe and supportive space is a sanctuary for like-minded women to chat, listen and learn. We lead with kindness and let you guide us on how we can deliver.

Meno-Well Events

Expert Guidance. 5 star-rated workshops from leading practitioners.

We run monthly workshops with the best midlife practitioners, where we look at the evidence behind interventions alongside practical tips to get started. From HRT to CBT. From science to research. From movement to meditation. Pack a new toolkit built on the firm foundation of good tailored nutrition advice. Try new things. Keep dreaming. Keep creating. Support your body and mind. Because Part 2 is about YOU.

Community Boost Recipes

Easy recipes for every day, tried and tested by our Community.

Every woman's taste buds are different; - some women in our community love our boosts with just water or plant-based milk; others need a little support to find a recipe that works for them. And that's what we're here for- to help you find the solution that works for you. Our community shares recipes that they love.