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Transform your menopause journey with Breathwork tools that work!

Power of the Art of Breathing tools in Menopause – discover science and experience immediate benefits. Understand how to self-regulate your nervous system and symptoms with daily 5-10mins exercises and effortlessly incorporate them into your daily routine.

On Zoom - Tues 30th April
18:30 – 19:30 GMT

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Unlocking Weight Management in midlife: The Gut-Brain connection and the menopause microbiome.

This 1 hour session with MPowder founder and CEO Rebekah Brown and the team's resident naturopath and herbalist Dr. Vera Martins is designed to demystify why our bodies change, the diet myths we need debunk, the eating habits we need to 'unlearn', to present a carefully considered plan for a balanced body and mind.

On Zoom - 16th May 2024,
19.30-20:30PM BST

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The critical link between anxiety and skin in midlife: and the practices that will make you glow

In this fascinating session with the alternative facialist to the stars Justine Masters, we unpick the relationship between the gut and the skin and how, by working topically and from within, we can achieve glowing, healthy skin throughout our menopause transition.

On Zoom - 16th June 2024,
19.30-20:30PM BST

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Learning Live

Catch the live with Susanna Taylor, creator of The Glow Gazette and former founder of Get The Gloss.

We talked: The 7 pillars of self care…and so much more.

Learning Live

Don’t miss the live session with Legology founder Kate Shapman and Rebekah Brown

Talking life, legs and menopause