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"I love the 360 approach to midlife, the robustness of the research. Plus the stories of women approaching this life stage differently. We need new media sources. We need to stop seeing menopause as ‘the end of life’.  And this is one of the best."

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"This company!!! They are producing such great content, whether it's their expert series or The Big Read or even ***** instagram posts like this one...."

Ann Marie McQueen

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The menopause space’s fastest
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A supplement range tailor-made for each stage of menopause

MPowder is the world’s first plant-based supplement powder crafted to target the distinct biochemical stages of the menopause. Led by science, developed by medical and naturopathic experts then tested and verified by women in our community to make sure you get the best blend of effective ingredients, at the right time.  

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