The Great Reappearing Act.
Meno-Well at Work with MPowder.

Women in midlife are the fastest growing demographic in the workplace. Yet more than one million will go missing this year due to menopause symptoms.

Harness the power of midlife women in the workforce.

Be part of the Great Reappearing Act, with MPowder’s Meno-Well at Work programme. 

‘MPowder are transforming the menopause narrative and brand, making it more human and empowering’. 

Steve Peralta, Co-founder of Unmind  

‘Through our workshops with MPowder we were able to demonstrate that the women facing menopause are all around us - as leaders, experts and partners. Yet they’ve been suffering in silence for so long. This isn’t just about individual experiences. It’s about diversity and inclusion, wellness, talent retention and culture’. 

Charlotte Schofield, Venture partnership Manager, Reckitt Benckiser

Meet our Meno-Well at Work programme.1.5 hour digital workshops, delivered by experts. 

1. Meno-Well 101 workshop: Learn about the 3 biochemical stages of midlife, and the impact each stage can have on the health of our bodies and minds with MPowder’s expert medical and hormone health team.

2. Menopause in the workplace: We explore the symptoms that can impact work the most and the tools that can ensure that menopause is a stepping-up point at work, not a fading away. 

3. Menopause is a feminist issue:A journey through the gender health gap, investment bias and the societal taboo at the heart of menopause, and a call to arms for individuals and businesses to #makemenopausematter with MPowder founder and midlife champion, Rebekah Brown 

4. Menopause intervention: From nutrition to harness your hormones, to the science behind mindfulness in midlife.From cognitive behavioural therapy to cold water therapy. From exercise to acupuncture. We have the team to deliver compelling, interactive workshops on the protocols and practices that make a difference to your health and your performance in midlife.

Meno-Well Firesides.
1 hour informal conversations on the topics that matter most to your employees
Our fireside chats are intimate discussions on the topic of menopause. Designed to allow your employees to ask the questions that are front of mind, our expert team will respond and signpost to the resources and tools that matter.

Menopause consultancy.
Tailored support for HR and D&I policy, menopause communications, and menopause research.
Are you looking to craft a contemporary hormone policy for employees? Are you targeting midlife consumers with menopause messaging? Our expert team can support you in navigating legislative and lifestyle considerations, sensitivity of tone and compelling call-to-action campaigns to engage, not alienate. 

About MPowder

MPowder’s ambition is to make midlife a superpower for women everywhere - through its product range, which is developed with medical doctors, naturopaths and herbalists, its community of women who trial every recipe to measure impact, and its team of experts who provide tailored digital workshop programmes to ensure a whole body and mind approach to ‘Part 2’.

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