Peri-Boost Bio-Stage N°1

You’ve had a cycle in the last 2-11 months, and you’re 43+ or starting to experience symptoms of peri-menopause.

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(30-Day supply - 900g)

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  • Plant-based food supplement powder blended with moldavian dragonhead to improve skin elasticity and density
  • Maintains hormone, immune system and electrolyte balance
  • Reduces tiredness
  • Supported by science, verified by real women
  • Add 3 tablespoons to your daily smoothie or simply blitz with ice, water or your choice of milk
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What’s in our boost?

Crafted to target the most common symptoms of peri-menopause. Naturally.

Each ingredient is selected for potential seen in the lab and results seen in real life. You will never find in our ingredients: animal-based vitamin sources, added sugar or artificial sweeteners or flavours. Just honest, functional foods and botanicals that work.

Targets & Benefits

Hormonal Balance

We’ve selected organic flax seeds to support oestrogen metabolism. They also provide natural sources of zinc and selenium, the building blocks needed to create healthy hormones. We blend with ginger to support your digestion, which can be affected as sex hormones decline. Ginger can also reduce joint pain and stiffness, regulate blood sugar, and reduce cholesterol.

Reduced Tiredness and Fatigue

Organic figs deliver a natural, wholefood source of calcium and iron, which are critical for energy levels and bone health. And cacao, for phenylethylamine (PEA for short) which can improve mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Improved Skin Elasticity and Density

With Dracobelle Nu™, a wholly natural botanical extract from the mint family to boost collagen repair, cellular defence, cell detoxification and reduce oxidative stress. And leaves from the moringa plant, for zeatin which feeds our skin, and anti-inflammatory acids.

  • Evidence-Based
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Uniquely formulated for each bio-stage
  • Approved by registered naturopaths, nutritionists & herbalists
  • Supported by science, verified by real women
  • Clinical dosage levels
  • Non-GMO

Ingredient information

The star ingredient in this blend is DracoBelle Nu™, a unique skin beauty booster clinically shown to improve skin moisture, elasticity and density by increasing the skin’s collagen repair from within. As our bodies transition through peri-menopause, our skin is often the first visible sign of change. This natural ingredient packs a powerful punch.


Organic Cacao Powder / ProEarth® Soya Protein Isolate / Fig Powder / Magnesium* Bisglycinate / Apple Powder / Calcium Carbonate / Golden Milled Flaxseed / Organic Moringa Leaf Powder / / Rhubarb Powder / Organic Lucuma Powder / Bamboo Extract / Cinnamon Extract 30:1 / Ginger Root Powder / Soya Isoflavones (40%) / Vitamin C* (Ascorbic Acid) / DracoBelle™ (Moldavian Dragonhead) Dracocephalum Moldavia extract / Ferrous Bis-Glycinate* / Vitamin E* (DL-Alpha Tocopheryl) / Selenomethionine* / Vitamin A* (Retinol Acetate) / Vitamin D3 (Vita-algae D™) / Rhubarb Extract 30:1 / Vitamin B12* (Methylcobalamin) / Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) / Pyridoxine HCL / Folic Acid / Potassium Iodide. Allergy advice: For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Nutritional Information

Energy 1431kJ/342kcal 351kJ/102kcal
Fat 6.9g 2.0g
...of which saturates 1.0g 0.3g
Carbohydrate 38.3g 11.4g
...of which sugars 19.3g 5.7g
Fibre 10.0g 3.0g
Protein 26.2g 8.0g
Salt 0.49g 0.14g

*Prepared with water, as advised.

Vitamin A 800µg-RE* 100%
Vitamin D (D3) 10µg 200%
Vitamin E 12mg-a-TE** 100%
Vitamin C 200mg 250%
Vitamin B6 1.4mg 100%
Folic Acid 200µg 100%
Vitamin B12 2.5µg 100%
Calcium 800mg 100%
Magnesium 375mg 100%
Iron 14mg 100%
Selenium 55µg 100%
Iodine 150µg 100%
Soya Isoflavones 100mg **

*RE = Retinol Equivalent. **a-TE = Alpha Tocopherol Equivalent. ***RI = Reference Intake. µg = microgram.
DracoBelle™ is a trademark of Mibelle Biochemistry.

Suggested Use

How much

Simply add 30g, which is 3 level tablespoons, to 200ml of cold liquid and blend, every day.

What to mix it with

We like it best in a smoothie recipe or mixed with your favourite yoghurt. Head to our journal for favourite recipes created by our Makers.

Please note, because our product is free from artificial flavours and colours, taste and appearance may vary.

‘I feel very priveleged to be part of this community.’


Real women. Real feedback

Every menopause transition is different. Which is why every product in our range is tested by our MPowder Makers, recruited through our Insta-land community. They bring their own stories. Their unique bodies. And their wisdom.

They make us better.


Peri-Boost Trialist

My experience with Peri-Boost has been incredible.

Very easy to incorporate it into my morning smoothie, added it to pancakes a few times too! The programme has also been incredibly easy to follow, with amazing support throughout! I give it a superstar!


Peri-Boost Trialist

The MPowder programme has had a huge, positive impact on my wellbeing.

Taking the time to really understand what has been going on with my body has been beneficial to managing my symptoms, and I have learned so much. The expert sessions in The Powder Room have been informative and good fun and it’s been great to connect with others who are at the same stage in life. I was rubbish at managing my diet before, and this has definitely improved over the past 6 weeks, and the physical and mental benefits of the programme have made a real difference. I would rate MPowder 5/5 based on the product, support and the company values.


Peri-Boost Trialist

The thing that makes the MPowder programme so unique, is that it is a 360 degree approach to wellness for women.

The programme invites you to explore every part of your being with a deep appreciation that the menopause isn’t as simple as an annoying and inevitable hormonal shift. It is a complete rebalancing, renegotiation and revisiting of what it means to be a woman. You are supported not only nutritionally, but physically, spiritually and philosophically by an incredible community.


Peri-Boost Trialist

Over the last 2 weeks, especially, people are commenting on my skin & saying it looks brighter & my eyes are sparkling. And even though I’m not sleeping too well, I don’t feel as fatigued either.

I do feel there has been a difference taking the powder which I have most mornings blended with other healthy ingredients. I’ve been raving about it to my other peri friends! I will continue to take it. It’s amazing the time & effort that has gone into this product. You guys really care & are so passionate it’s hard not to be on board & notice the difference - especially in my low points. Thanks again.


Peri-Boost Trialist

MPowder has been a wonderful addition to my morning routine, playing such a vital role in maintaining balance throughout my peri-menopause journey. From the first few days of starting MPowder I felt like I had been plugged in, my energy increased, my skin glowed and most of all the niggly little peri-menopausal symptoms started to subside.

Generally, I used MPowder as part of my morning smoothie mix, however I also used the powder as an added ingredient to make protein balls so I could take it with me for hikes and camping trips.

The programme was fantastic and really complimented the powder, a real bonus! the programme included various menopause experts to teach us all about living a healthy balanced lifestyle.

I felt the programme helped me see my blind spots in terms of health and wellbeing which in turn is now helping me so much on this peri-menopause journey. I felt also that the program connected us women together, allowing us a space to share our journeys with each other, I certainly felt connected and honoured to have made some new friends. I highly recommend MPowder and rate it full marks which is 5.

Thank you so much for including me in this trial, I have gained so much from it and the support and education has been phenomenal, I can’t wait to see this product take off and I am already recommending it to all my peri-menopausal clients and friends.

Based on Science, and supported by menopause experts

We work with an exceptional group of experts. From scientists to herbalists. From yogis to doctors. Their unique perspectives guide our product innovation and life-changing programmes.

89% of women taking Peri-Boost saw positive improvements to their symptoms.*

* Data collated from 40 peri-menopausal women tracking 6 key symptoms before, during & at the end of 4 weeks of taking MPowder Peri-Boost daily: 01.06.20-01.07.20

Your questions answered

Your questions are unique. But some are frequently asked, so here’s our top five!

Can MPowder products be taken alongside HRT or BHRT?

Yes. Every women's menopause journey is different and it is important you find the right support for your body. MPowder is designed to provide the nutritional foundation layer and is a great addition to HRT and BHRT programmes.

I have a history of breast cancer in my family / I have been diagnosed with breast cancer myself. Are your powders safe for me to take?

The medical guidance around the inclusion of isoflavones in the diet for women with a history of some cancers is mixed. Our advice, without knowing the detail of your story, would be not to take our powders - but to email us at and we will be in touch when our isoflavone-free range launches next year.

When should I start taking products from the MPowder range?

Every woman, regardless of symptoms, will benefit from starting the Peri-Boost programme as her bio-chemistry changes. The average age in the UK is 43. But some women experience peri-menopause much earlier.

How do I know which powder is right for me?

Select the profile that best matches your body and mind now. And if in doubt, please email us at

Why don't you flavour your powders?

We believe that keeping our recipes free from masking agents or artificial flavourings means you get to taste the nourishment at work.

More questions? Find answers on our FAQs page.