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November 9 2020

Words by

Rebekah Brown



Why we place tracking at the heart of our product philosophy

The truth is, there simply isn’t enough research undertaken into the menopause - or any area of female biochemistry. Currently, just 2% of all UK public health funding is dedicated to women’s reproductive health. Without research, our bodies remain a black box.

However, there is a growing body of evidence in the potential of plants in supporting the menopause transition.

Our recipe research always begins with an assessment of the latest clinical research papers. We then consult with doctors, naturopaths and nutritionists who have ‘real life’, long-term experience of supporting women through menopause. Then, once we get dosage levels right, the blends mixing well and tasting right, we test efficacy with our community.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

But our tracking doesn’t stop with commercial launch. Because, we believe it is critical that our customers have access to the impact our products have on their wellbeing too. It’s why every pouch of MPowder comes with the offer to track your symptoms, for FREE, for the first month of usage. Share your scores over SMS each Sunday and we’ll monitor your body’s response, offer you access to expert advice where we see opportunities for further improvement, and share a month 1 impact report after 4 weeks of taking our powder every day.


Our powders are a foundation layer. Not a silver bullet

To date, 20% of our customers have chosen to track the impact Peri-Boost has on their symptoms. It’s early days - we know that any nutritional intervention usually takes 6-8 weeks to really deliver. But at the end of Month 1, the results are too good to keep to ourselves!

  45% of women report improvement in appearance of skin

  45% of women reported improved quality of sleep

  36% of women report improvement in energy levels

  45% of women reported reduction in stomach bloating


We’re here for the journey.

These weekly scores give us a snapshot. And they put women in control of their bodies. With knowledge comes the power to make change happen.

It also gives us the opportunity to do more. From offering customers still struggling direct access to our expert team to discuss other measures and lifestyle changes that may help, to evaluating further our recipes and our roadmap for the future.

But, critically in a space full of over-promise, tracking makes our powders accountable. This is real co-creation. Together, your feedback is making us better. And together, we’ll create products and programmes that can deliver the greatest impact for women everywhere.

We can’t wait for month 2!
With love, the MPowder Team.


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