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Curating your own menopause library.

12 Aug, 2022

Our tips for using instagram well.

I confess that, prior to founding MPowder I didn’t have an Instagram account. But, since tiptoeing on in 2020 to talk to you about your menopause experiences, it’s become one of the most important channels for our community. We use @mpowderstore to share insight, host free and informative Lunch&Learn Lives, and reflect on the collective journey we are on, together.

12 Aug, 2022

Our tips for using instagram well.

However, recently it has become harder to see the content of the brands and experts we love. And we know you are struggling to see our content too!

This is because Facebook has changed the way its algorithms work. So, even if you’ve ‘followed’ a brand or individual, you’re now unlikely to see their posts unless you select them as a ‘favourite’ too. This is a new function, that I had to be shown by a much younger and more savvy human! - but it has revolutionised the content I now receive. And it got me thinking….we should all be taking control of our relationship with social platforms. We have the opportunity to filter out the noise and curate our own library of content.


So, aside from the amazing experts we work with, here are a few of my personal ‘favourites’, for you to take a look at too:

@and.bloom: photographer, model, all round creative and author of ‘the art of ageing unapologetically’, Denise challenges media depictions of midlife, finds beauty in all stages of life and shares her own story of self acceptance through beautiful posts and thought-provoking reflections.

@veramartins.naturopath: our much loved consultant herbalist and naturopath, and the brains behind our blends, Vera has a new instagram handle and we’re loving her regular posts on herbs and lifestyle changes that can nourish body and mind.

@tim.spector: scientist and co-founder of @Zoe - Tim’s account goes broader and provides a robust and accessible view on the value of nutrition through his everyday habits and reflections

@mymenopausecentre: solid, well researched advice and a holistic perspective from Dr Clare.

@amelia_rope: Because…well, chocolate.

@dr_menopause: Love Dr Thomas’ A-Z of symptoms and her balanced view on medical intervention

@menopausewhilstblack: The unstoppable Karen Arthur. Creative, honest, passionate and beautiful

@the.hormone.doc: consultant endocrinologist with a personal history of breast cancer.

@happyhormonesforlife: Nikki Williams has a wealth of experience, years of practice and shares nutritional nuggets with wisdom and without judgement. This isn’t about fancy food shots - just good solid advice on what works

@lisamarleychef: plant based goodness that is easy to make and delicious

@headspace: I’m loyal to Andy! I use the app pretty much every morning and the instagram account gives me little nudges of encouragement to stay with the practice

@when_life_gives_you_menopause: Natasha was one of our first MPowder Makers and trialled Peri-Boost in the spring of 2020. Like me, she is a natural sceptic! - but her honesty, her willingness to try new things..and her generous sharing of her own menopause journey has resulted in a lovely feed that I know is a real help to people at the beginning of their own journey.

Then, if you’re wanting to organise your own feed in line with changes made by Instagram, it’s actually very simple when you know how!

With love,

Rebekah & The MPowder Team.

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