Designed to taste good as we do good.

November 15 2019

Words by

Rebekah Brown



Mel is MPowder’s tastebuds; she works hard to make sure our powders taste good as they do good. 

Her background as a biochemist and food scientist along with her deep experience in food innovation has helped us break new ground with our nutritional blends. As the second of our interviews with the nutritional team, we asked Mel to share her approach to MPowder.

How has your background as a bio-chemist influenced your approach to food innovation and product development?

My biochemistry background provides me with the ability to understand ingredients and their interactions on a molecular level which complements my work in food science.

What did you learn about the menopause as a result of immersing yourself in the MPowder business? 

I’m 47 and as yet have no symptoms, so this has allowed me to explore the menopause in more detail and look into what I should personally be doing. From a professional perspective our work has led me to a deep study into a wide range of options for the product range in terms of those that have been used traditionally for many centuries to those that have more modern clinical studies and health claims.

What has been the greatest challenge in developing the MPowder range from a taste perspective?

Very functional ingredients can often be challenging in terms of flavour profile and blending into a good tasting formulation.  Being a food and drink product developer means that you have to wear a hat for many perspectives - nutrition, taste, function, shelf life, value…I can go on…! MPowder challenged me on all fronts. 

What, in your view, makes MPowder different from other menopause supplements?

It is the considered study across the range of impacts that menopause can have to the body and mind in combination with a broad choice of nutritional ingredients to meet these.

The Peri-Boost powder subscription launches early 2020. What is your favourite ingredient in the powder - and why?

It has to be the unique blend of natural vitamins and minerals - they pack quite a nutritional punch!

What advice would you give to women evaluating supplements in the menopause space today?

Look for real evidence of efficacy - and at the same time a good tasting product that you wish to keep tasting.  If a product makes you grimace each time you take it - this is not a good start for potentially a longer term requirement for supplementation!

Note: Whenever considering supplements, make sure you talk to a doctor before incorporating into your diet, particularly if you’re about to have surgery, have an existing condition, or are on blood thinners.

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