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Do you know your probiotics from your prebiotics?

23 May, 2024

Harnessing the power of plants to nourish your gut.

23 May, 2024

Naturopaths, nutritionists, traditional and functional medicine practitioners have been practising gut protocols to address hormone imbalance for years. But what is exciting is that gold standard trials are now supporting this work - with research released in 2023 categorically making the link between menopause and its impact on our gut microbiota.

As importantly, research insight gives us agency. It means we can confidently address symptoms head on with food and smart supplementation.

As awareness of the role of the gut grows, much attention has been given to probiotics. So, what are they? Do we all need them? And why do we recommend that you start first with prebiotics instead?

Probiotics explained:

Probiotics are live beneficial bacteria that are naturally present in certain foods or delivered in supplement form.

These live strains of bacteria work by directly contributing to the gut microbiota by replacing bacteria that is missing or underrepresented.

It is always best to access nutrients via whole food. Foods with probiotic properties include: yoghurt with active or live cultures, kefir, sauerkraut, tempeh, kimchi, pickles, kombucha - but there are many more!

Probiotic supplements can be beneficial for us too. The challenge with supplements is that they may not contain the beneficial bacteria your body uniquely needs. And this is why, particularly during this stage of life when our bodies are struggling to stay in balance, we’d advise that you talk to a health practitioner before introducing a probiotic supplement. Dr Martins, MPowder’s scientific lead, is a big fan of the right product! - but also cautions that she often sees people in her clinic whose gut related issues have got worse as a result of taking the wrong probiotic. Signs of this include increased bloating, reflux, changes in bowel movements and gas too. Nature packs a powerful punch. Be gentle with your body.

Prebiotics explained:

Prebiotics are substances found in food that ‘feed’ and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. What is beautiful about prebiotics is that, rather than delivering a specific strain of bacteria that your body may not be lacking in, prebiotics enable your gut feed and rebalance itself.

Again, prebiotics can be accessed through a variety of foods. From jerusalem artichoke to bananas, asparagus, apple, oats and cocoa; you’ll find them in flavoursome foods that can be easily added to existing recipes too - onions, garlic and seaweed are great sources.

Our philosophy, as a naturopathic brand, is always to lead with what nourishes naturally. Which is why Gut-Instinct harnesses the best researched prebiotics to support your gut in the nearterm and help your gut microbiota flourish in the mid-term too. To learn more about the ingredients in this thoughtfully formulated capsule blend, CLICK HERE.

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