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Filling the menopause data gap

4 Dec, 2022

The responsibility MPowder has to know more.

4 Dec, 2022

This week was a major milestone for MPowder. Dr Martins, our naturopath and herbalist (and the key brain behind our Boosts!) shared our community-driven, data-led approach to product formulation with over 500 nutritionists at the Ultimate Hormone Conference.

Sharing a stage with the phenomenal Tim Spector of the Zoe Project, Vera spoke of the importance of using data - not just to drive continuous improvement with our blends, but to give each of us greater agency for our own health.

Evidence is everything

As women in midlife we’re wary of supplements - and for good reason. Regulation is too light, which means the burden of understanding sits with us as customers. How are we supposed to know what different vitamin sources mean in terms of bio-availability? How much is enough? When should we take things? When should we combine ingredients? When should we not?! And, beyond the marketing spin and shiny packaging, what really works?

We founded MPowder with a promise; that our community would drive our direction of travel and participate in everything we do. And that we would remain curious; continuously refining our formulations based on what the research in the lab tells us - and, more importantly, what you tell us is working. 

It’s not an easy approach! In fact, pretty much every supplier we’ve worked with has advised us against it. From being told we could ‘cut costs’ with cheap vitamin sources that we can’t digest and high production runs that allow no room for learning…to being told of the standard sector practice of only including ‘marketing doses’ (the minimum ingredient volume in a product to allow you to reference it in claims). But I’m so proud that we’ve stood our ground. We pour over every ingredient. Every data source. We share everything we learn - with you as individuals, if you track your symptoms with us - and in our journal. We listen to every piece of feedback. And I hope that means we’re setting a new benchmark. 

We’re old enough and wise enough by now to know there are no silver bullets to ‘fix’ menopause. But the results we get with Peri-Boost and Meno-Boost demonstrate that smart supplementation can make a big difference. And together, by sharing openly and honestly, I hope we can ensure that this lifestage, so often viewed through a negative lens, can be the point that, with our hormones harnessed, we all get the chance to embrace our potential and purpose.


With love Rebekah and the MPowder team

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