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Gut discomfort after food in menopause.

9 Feb, 2024

Around 60% of us experience gut discomfort after food in menopause. Mild reflux, wind, burping. We accept changes to our bowel movements.

And in recent research by Gen-M, over half of us report feeling unattractive. 

Source: UK Menopause Market Report, 2023, Gen-M 

9 Feb, 2024

We change the way we dress to cover up a distended stomach and bloating. But few of us make the link between an unhappy gut and how we feel. From our confidence levels socially to how we feel about our bodies.

But as scientists learn more about the continuous two-way biochemical signalling between the gastrointestinal tract and our nervous system, they point to the very real impact it can have on our mood.

An uncomfortable feeling following food should not become normal in midlife. Constipation, wind, a fear that you are no longer in control of your body should not stop us enjoying social occasions. Whenever persistent change is noticed, you must talk to your medical practitioner to ensure there are no underlying health conditions responsible for your gut. And then, if the fluctuations of menopause are confirmed to be the root cause, it’s time to listen in, and to support your gut to recover its balance so it can extract the nourishment you need from food and nurture your body and mind.


Naturopathy can be a particularly powerful tool in supporting your gut. And for the last 9 months we’ve been exploring digestion in menopause in detail. 

GUT-INSTINCT consists of a blend of carminative, bitter and demulcent botanicals to keep your gut fit by activating its ability to repair its microbiota naturally:


Relax intestinal smooth muscles to prevent or relieve excess gas in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). 


Have several health benefits, including promoting digestion (particularly fat digestion), regulating GIT hormone secretion and therefore our appetite, as well as regulating blood sugar levels"


Work by releasing a mucilage in the GIT that protects mucosal barrier function, resulting in reduced inflammation and less sensitivity to gastric acids. This mucilage, consisting of a complex profile of polysaccharides, is also responsible for the blend’s prebiotic properties. 

Unlike other blends in our midlife range, GUT-INSTINCT behaves a little differently too. It is designed to be taken before each meal and to deliver results immediately as well as working consistently with your gut over time. With herbs selected for their performance in clinical trials, as well as a patented extract that has undergone rigorous research too, GUT-INSTINCT can be taken alone or alongside other blends in our range if digestion continues to be an issue for you. 

But, please note - for your safety and your wallet (!), we always recommend that you introduce our blends one formulation at a time. Track your symptoms, see what is working and where you may need further support. And then, gently layer up. If you’re ever confused or in doubt, we’ve got you. Simply drop us a line and we can schedule a call.

We will be back in stock with this blend from the 18th February.  


We will also, as always, be undertaking a product impact study to further build on the existing body of research around botanicals in partnership with you. We have our first team of Makers ready to start tracking with us, and I can not wait to get to know you all individually!

This product has already received wonderful reviews from those of you that purchased early. And we will share the output of collaborative research in coming weeks too. 

To learn more about our community studies and the existing research into the individual ingredients in our blends, you can read more on our Science pages HERE.

With love, Rebekah & the MPowder Team.

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