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18 Oct, 2021

Have you shared your hormone hero yet?

18 Oct, 2021

One of the most exciting things about the shift in the conversation around menopause in the last 12 months is the growing recognition that everybody’s journey will be different. And although we often find commonalities - both in early indicators of perimenopause, and in the clustering of symptoms - the impact of this journey on our lives is entirely unique too.

“Some individuals will experience hot flushes but not find them debilitating - perhaps due to environmental factors or where they are in life (literally and figuratively). Others will find that fire shame-inducing, disorientating, confidence sapping…”

This is why we wanted to spend National Menopause Month shining a spotlight on the raft of tools available to us in midlife - and to share the stories of what works for different people. And, together, with Get The Gloss, we’ve launched the #myhormonehero campaign.

As someone who had taken my body for granted all my life, perimenopause was a wake-up call for me. Reflecting on the things I now consider indispensable, I realise how much I changed.

It’s important to flag that many of these changes were incremental. Small steps can make a huge difference.

As critically, I also realise how important it is to keep reviewing my midlife toolkit. Some of the practices and tools I relied on at the start of my journey have become less important. As new symptoms arise, I’ve needed to explore further.

My top 3 hormone heroes today are:

Chickpeas: packed full of isoflavones, protein and fibre, they are also rich in vitamin B, folate, calcium, manganese, magnesium, vitamin K (I could go on!). They also contain large amounts of the amino acid tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin - our happiness hormone.

Cold water: research published in the British Medical Journal has shown the positive impact that cold swimming has on our physical and mental health. It affects our pain receptors and temperature receptors - inducing a cold shock response. Our bodies then cleverly release endorphins and natural painkillers which have a beneficial effect on our mood, resilience, immunity and even longevity. I take cold showers and make it to the lido with my swim cap and float whenever I can!

MPowder Peri Boost: our first blend was formulated to support our bodies in peri-menopause and I was the first guinea pig! Following trial with our community and ongoing feedback from customers, we’re now on recipe 2.1! - it has eased my hormonal acne, my gut issues and bloating and had a significant impact on my anxiety levels. 

As part of our #myhormonehero campaign, we’ve heard from vocal voices in the menopause space like Davina McCall and Lisa Snowdon. One of our favourite yogis, Gabriella Espinosa has sung the praises of MPowder Meno-Boost - as has the founder of one of our favourite brands, Kate Shapland of Legology!

Community members have highlighted the hormonal balancing power of pilates, of walking in the woods with a friend...of their HRT prescription.

And we’d love to know more!

What is your hormone hero? Drop us a line at and we’ll compile all of your input into a final hormone hero bible at the end of the month.

With love, Rebekah and The MPowder Team


Have you booked a hormone house party yet?

You invite your friends. We’ll bring the goodies and nuggets of information.

Change starts with conversation. And, as someone exploring midlife, your voice is powerful. We’re inviting you to host a private gathering - in real life or over Zoom - with 5+ friends. And we’ll come too!

A mini menopause 101 workshop, just for you. A member of our expert team will join online to provide a grounds-up picture of menopause. And answer any questions you or your friends may have.

Every host will receive a goodie bag packed full of hormone heroes from Legology, Bare Biology, Aurelia and more.

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