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Is menopause still a "modern day taboo?"

24 Sep, 2023

3/10 women agree menopause is a "modern-day taboo"- an increase of 5%*. Research by the menopause think tank, Gen-M last year revealed a small, but important, trend as the result of the growing societal conversation around menopause in the UK. It appears that, as awareness, education and attention builds, rather than breaking down the taboo, a new discomfort is growing.

24 Sep, 2023

As a researcher by trade, I’m always wary of giving too much attention to a percentage shift. But this one matters because, based on the sense of progress, it feels like we should have seen a significant downward trend in its place.

In tandem, as a result of our consultancy and corporate Meno.Well programmes, I’ve had a number of conversations in the last 12 months about the perceived ‘risk’ of menopause education in the workplace.

The UK has led the charge to ‘make menopause matter’. The last 3 years have seen educational policy change and legislative change. Journalists have kept the pressure on for meaningful change and better support to happen. Celebrities have used their platforms in an effort to normalise. We’ve seen menopause written into our favourite sitcoms, influence the characterisation of heroes on the big screen…

So, what are we getting wrong? Do the important but shocking stories that dominate the media make us less likely to want to learn about it? Are we tired of the focus on what we lose and need in midlife? Or is a growing reluctance to talk a sign we’re ready to adopt menopause as part of life’s journey. Are we ready to transition without needing to go into a ‘box’ or have a label applied?

As a co-creation community, your perspective drives our focus. And we’ve tailored a few questions, just for you HERE.

If you’ve a few minutes this weekend, please do share your thoughts - and I’ll share the learnings, right here - along with interviews with market observers, game-changers and menopause voices very soon.
With thanks as always for your support,
Rebekah and the MPowder Team.
*source: Gen-M Invisibility Report, Nov 2022

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