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17 May, 2021

I didn’t fit his preconceived profile of a menopausal woman.

17 May, 2021

Arguably MPowder was, at the outset, a response to anxiety and overwhelm. My own perimenopause was bumpy. The symptoms I experienced didn’t fit with my understanding of what menopause was. My doctor didn’t connect the dots either. I didn’t fit his preconceived profile of a menopausal woman. I was ‘too young’. The biggest issue for me was crippling anxiety and overwhelm. Tasks that I had done for years with confidence suddenly felt impossibly hard. The corporate environment. The need to present myself in a certain way. Struggling to find the right words in meetings. Feeling as if I had nothing to contribute socially. Bloating. Skin changes. Gut sensitivities.

The assumption was I was burned out or perhaps depressed. I was told to take time out, look at external stress factors and return for anti-depressants if I continued to experience symptoms.

But I should have persisted (if this has been your experience to date, please don’t walk away. And if you need a cheerleader, find someone to support you in seeking help. The right medical support can do wonderful things). I was too low to fight my corner. Instead, I did what I knew how to do. I’m a researcher….so I researched! This led to the discovery of the link between anxiety and hormone imbalance and the potential of functional foods, herbs, and botanicals in supporting our bodies in midlife and beyond.

I changed how I ate - reframing my view of food as a source of care rather than fuel. And, because I wanted a foundation layer that contained exactly what I needed bio-chemically, and was easy to incorporate into everyday, I started to explore smart supplementation. First with the wonderful Dr Vera Martins, naturopath, herbalist and scientist with a long-term history of working with women in menopause - and then, as our research continued, with Dr Moltke, a functional and medical doctor with a keen interest in both food as medicine and holistic practices. And, with our community of Makers and testers, the MPowder product range was born.

As importantly, I learned that hormone fluctuations are both exacerbated by and instigators of stress. When we feel anxious, our cortisol levels increase, depleting our ability to make testosterone. Lowered testosterone levels make us feel stressed, which increases our cortisol levels, further depleting our ability to make testosterone...and so it continues. Layer the hormone rollercoaster of menopause on top, and it is no wonder that anxiety and overwhelm are two of the most common symptoms reported in our community.

Our powders are the start point to a nourished menopause. But it is worth taking time too, to find the right tools for part 2. For me, cold water therapy, a daily meditation practice and journaling have made a huge difference to my anxiety. But the fact is, we each need to find our own tools.

Which is why we’ve created an expert programme around our product set to address all areas of life. Our intention is to share the practices that can help. From cold water therapy, to meditation. From journalling to yoga. From how to get a good night’s sleep to learning to exercise in harmony with your hormones. From CBD to CBT. We find the best in their field so we can share the science, the practical tips and the collective encouragement of a community working out what works.

So, if you're looking at how to 'meno-well', why not sign up to our next session? Where we'll be exploring how to take care of your skin from within. Details of how to sign up are below.

With love,


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