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The Wisdom of Many.

12 Aug, 2022

Why many voices matter in menopause.

12 Aug, 2022

MPowder began as a research project. Born from my own adventures in peri-menopause, and a desire to know whether I was alone in the frustration I felt, the symptoms I experienced - and the interventions I had found worked for me. As a researcher by trade, it was natural for me to want to quantify and contextualise something that I had known little about before it hit me (hard).

My career until that point had often taken me into focus group settings and deep-dive 1:1 interviews or required the origination of surveys and questionnaires. Working for other brands to help them better understand their customers, I was also used to limited responses. Afterall, who really has the time to give considered thought to a business’ deepest questions?

So, when I tiptoed onto social media to ask the world to share their personal stories of menopause, I expected the same.

But that was a fundamental error. Because, although I’d spent over 20 years as a researcher listening to people on a broad range of topics, I had never spoken to other people about this before.

The sheer volume of response was overwhelming. From the symptoms they experienced, to the lifestyle changes that had helped. From their conversations with their doctor to their conversations with their line manager. These stories were as individual as the people sharing them. Each one shaped by life experiences and lifestyles.

Critically, each response was given to aid collective wisdom.

Because, that is what we do best.

In a world that hasn’t given much attention to our biology, every story matters.

Every piece of feedback is a valuable data point in shaping innovation too. It’s why we continue to monitor the impact of our blends as our business grows. All of the insight you share goes back into our blends. It also informs our direction of travel. From the topics you want us to explore in our Meno-Well workshops, to the symptoms you want us to tackle in future products. Together, we’re making good change happen. By staying curious. And recognising the power of co-creation.

So, if you’ve found the menopause conversation in the media binary of late, if you’ve felt that you have to take ‘sides’ or justify your personal choices, if you feel judged for taking HRT or not taking HRT, for focusing on nutrition, for exploring stress management tools, remember that every menopause journey is different. All that really matters is that you feel informed, empowered and supported in working out what works for you.

With love, Rebekah and the MPowder Team.

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