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What is the difference between a resolution and an intention?

29 Nov, 2021

Setting the right parameters for our bodies and minds for 2022

29 Nov, 2021

As we head towards December, many of us will inevitably be thinking about what we want to change in 2022. Oten the desire for change comes with frustration at where we are today - particularly in midlife. Intentions are very different in tone and potential. And rethinking how you’ll approach 2022 through a lens of intent rather than resolve can be transformational.

The power of language to shape experience.

Last year we ran a series of Fireside chats in our private facebook group., The Powder Room with the brilliant Gabriella Espinosa of Women's Body Wisdom, yogi, nutritionist and breathwork expert and Henny Flynn, life coach, author, podcast host and founder of @the_postiive_menopause. And the session on Intention setting was particularly special.


The dictionary defines a resolution as “a firm decision to do or not to do something”.

The subtlety of distinction between a resolution and an intention sits in that language of ‘firm decision’. A resolution can feel like a hard-edged goal, something that may be born out of a limiting belief we hold about ourselves (I’m too fat, I’m unfit… I’m not good enough). It’s something that often begins in the head - and may be accompanied by words such as ‘should’ or ‘must’ - based on our perception of others’ expectations of us.

By contrast, an intention is a gentler tool - and can be far more powerful.


An intention is a short positive statement of intent that is inspired by your wish to heal, change or enhance an aspect of your life. Intention-setting is not something you can simply think or will yourself into – it is an embodied practice. Setting intentions is a practice that invites you to take time to connect with your body, to allow your intention reveal itself.

Sometimes this act of really listening - deeply - to ourselves also involves noticing things you desire, that you may have dismissed in the past.

With thanks to Gabriella Espinosa @gabriellaespinosa for her guidance and words.

Make 2022 the year of intention-setting.

Our next Meno-Well workshop on 16th December is designed with 2022 in mind. And, following a series of phenomenal workshops with her as our guide, we are delighted to be hosting, once again, the wonderful Henny Flynn - life coach, podcast host, poet and author.

Henny will be using the principles she’s honed over years of supporting women through menopause and found in her sell-out book, The Heart of Change, to guide us in intention-setting with gentleness and love. Details of how to join are below.

With love Rebekah and the MPowder Team.

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