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Why we need to rethink how we think about food.

9 May, 2024

The topic of weight, changing shape, new food intolerances, mood shifts and more as a result of food groups come up regularly in conversations in this community. Many of us find we need to ‘unlearn’ the way we approach what we put on our plate. And much of that is to do with the fact that science doesn’t stand still.

9 May, 2024

Infact, the study of our hormones is in its infancy. Leptin was discovered in 1994. Its name comes from the Greek word ‘leptos’, which means ‘thin’ - which gives a hint to the role it plays in the orchestra of our hormones. Leptin, along with Ghrelin, plays a fundamental role in supporting us in regulating our appetite and feeling full or satiated.

Research in the last 2 years has also shone a spotlight on the impact of sex hormone fluctuations in menopause and the health of our gut microbiota. We are very likely to have less of the beneficial gut bacteria in our bodies - which can impact on our ability to maintain weight, tackle inflammation and impact mood and energy too. We also know lower oestrogen levels decrease our metabolism, increase insulin resistance and increase fat stores around our middles.

Which is why it is important not to judge yourself if your body shape or weight changes at this lifestage. It isn’t you. It’s your hormones.

As critically, it is important to know your body is not turning against you. Everything it does is designed to protect you. But with hormones fluctuating, wires get crossed and cortisol surges blurring messaging too, we will be operating in fight or flight mode - which means our body responds by focusing on the most important organs in the body and storing fat for fuel for when that lion pounces!

The good news is that we’re living in a time of significant advances. And, with our guts particularly, we have agency to make rapid improvements to its health.

To learn more, why not join us for this month’s Meno.Well Masterclass on 16th May at 7.30pm BST? Joining LIVE is always best - it means you can pick the brains of Dr. Martins directly! But if time zones or commitments make that impossible, remember you can reserve your seat on the sofa and watch on Catch Up in your own time.

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