“Mood-Food is the result of 2 years of symptom tracking with our community, with hard working herbs working synergistically to support your body and mind.”
Dr. Vera Martins, MPowder
Why MPowder Mood-Food Capsules?

Reach for Mood-Food at the first sign of brain fog, disrupted sleep or changes in mood or use alongside our foundational powders when external stressors make life harder.
Based on our own community studies into the most challenging cluster symptoms that can persist across our menopause journeys, this encapsulated powder harnesses the best researched botanicals to support your body and mind.

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A rich botanical boost for the most persistent of symptoms


Brain Fog


Science-backed wholefood-led ingredients

Certified by The Vegan Society

Rich in antioxidants, amino acids & minerals

Free from bulking agents

Multi-award winning products and community


Gluten Free

How is Mood-Food different?
  • High-performing wholefood-led ingredients for maximum absorption
  • Optimal dosage levels to maximise impact
  • Plant based and certified by The Vegan Society
  • Free symptom tracking service to quantify impact
  • Personalised Meno.Well report at the end of month 1
  • 1:1 expert support, whenever you need
Standard Practice
  • Low grade ingredients with poor bio-availability
  • Minimum doses to maximise profit
  • Not suitable for vegans
  • No measure of whether it's actually working
  • Nothing. It's just a bottle of pills
  • Nothing. See above!
Harness the power of plants
Four of the best clinically-studied ingredients, plus a powerful blend of vitamins & minerals
Traditional medicine meets western science with MPowder Mood-Food. We blend the hardest working, best-researched plants shown to support our bodies in tackling brain fog, mood and sleep disturbance with a unique mineral and vitamin complex packed full of goodness.
Expert led, verified and tested by women like you
Our naturopathic and medical team analyse peer-reviewed data for 100s of ingredients and overlay their own experience in-field to create recipes that reflect results seen in lab and in real life. We fund research studies to test the impact of every one of our formulations. Ongoing customer symptom-tracking feeds into recipe refinement, ensuring we continue to deliver the best results.
Symptom tracking and 1:1 support every step of the way
We’re more than a product range. We’re a community. Our free symptom tracking service allows you to monitor the impact our blends have on you, access expert 1:1 support whenever you need - and, at the end of month 1, receive a personalised results report with tailored tips from our health concierge team.

“Best Hormone Health Product”

“GenM Founders Award For Community”

“Best Menopause Product of The Year”

“Wellness Awards,Editor’s Choice”

“Winner Gold, Editor’s Pick”

Your questions answered
Here’s your top five questions
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Can this be taken alongside your foundational blends?

Mood-Food can be taken alongside our Peri-Boost. It has some of the same core ingredients as Meno-Boost (both formulations contain Ashwagandha and Lemon balm at recommended daily dosages),  however it can be considered on an individual basis if these cluster symptoms are persistent. Simply book time for a call with us first!

I thought your foundational blends delivered everything I needed. Why is this offered as an addition now?

We’re a brand based on insight and community. And, over the last two years our tracking studies have highlighted the persistent nature of these cluster symptoms for many in our community. Whilst we see a downward trajectory of symptom severity, sometimes life events mean we need an additional boost to keep us feeling balanced. In addition, many of us will notice changes in mood, brain fog and sleep disturbances ‘first’ and want to tackle these symptoms first too.

How do I know if I need this as well as your foundational powders?

If you have been taking our foundational powders for more than 3 months and are still experiencing symptoms such as brain fog, anxiety, poor sleep and fatigue, Mood-Food may be what you need. This formulation was formulated to provide an additional boost to the most persistent symptoms we see in our community across the menopause journey. 

Equally, you may choose to try Mood-Food on its own first, as these cluster symptoms are often early signs of perimenopause.

Are your blends safe to take if I have been diagnosed with a hormone sensitive cancer, or have a history of hormone sensitive cancer in my family?

All the blends in our range harness wholefoods, herbs and botanicals as well as vitamins and minerals, which means isoflavones are present. Isoflavones act as phytoestrogens by mimicking natural estrogens in the body.

Research on the role of phytoestrogens in estrogen-dependent cancers including some types of breast cancer is inconclusive. So, although consumption of soy foods (which contain isoflavones) are considered healthy and safe, Peri-Boost contains higher concentrations of soya isoflavones than food. Meno-Boost contains Red Clover extract at a therapeutic but low dosage level. Red Clover also contains isoflavones.

The medical guidance around the inclusion of isoflavones in the diet for women with a history of some cancers is mixed. Without knowing the detail of your story, our advice would be not to take our foundational powders, Peri-Boost and Meno-Boost. Mood-Food, our first powdered capsule targeting the cluster symptoms of mood, brain fog and anxiety, contains ingredients with no known contraindications with hormone sensitive cancers.

However, your health is our priority. Please ensure you do your own research and talk to your healthcare provider before introducing Mood Food into your routine.

Why did you choose these 3 symptoms to focus on?

Because we know from our community, as well as research into the most persistent menopause symptoms, that these three often start in early perimenopause and can extend beyond menopause with significant impact on quality of life. These cluster symptoms are critical to address because they also have the potential to impact our long term health too.

We’re here for all of it

MPowder is more than a multi-award winning product range. We’re a community. And we’re powered by a team of expert naturopaths, nutritionists, medical practitioners and holistic specialists, on hand to support you whenever you need.

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