To NOURISH you through peri-menopause, NATURALLY

24+ plant-based ingredients. 1 purpose.


Your Body. Your Journey. Your Choice.

A unique range of high protein vegan powders designed to nourish your body, naturally, during menopause. So you can be you.

Your body. Your journey. Targeted formula for each bio stage

Plant-based with clinical dosage levels

Access to a team of hand-picked menopause specialists

‘After two weeks, I felt like
someone had plugged me back in again.’


We think differently. We believe in the potential of plants

MPowder recipes use only natural plant foods and vitamins that work. Our powders are unique; providing a crucial foundation layer at the three stages every female goes through: the peri-menopause (around 43+ or as early as you start to experience symptoms), the menopause (12 months after your last period) and post-menopause (as your body settles into life without a cycle). Protein rich, our blends are packed full of fruit, vegetables, vitamins and botanicals - stuff that works.

What we leave out is as important as what we’ve put in

This makes our powders pretty unusual. You won’t find animal-based vitamin sources, added sugar, artificial sweeteners or flavours in our products. Just honest, functional stuff that works.

This means our powders taste pretty different too. Earthy and nourishing, they are designed to fit into your daily routine. Simply add a scoop to your morning smoothie and blitz in a blender. Swap out your protein powder and make MPowder protein balls. And if you need any inspiration, head here for recipe tips from our Makers.

Why MPowder

Based on Science, and supported by menopause experts

We work with an exceptional group of experts. From scientists to herbalists. From yogis to doctors. Their unique perspectives guide our product innovation and life-changing programmes.

We’re here for the journey.
Meet our first blend. Peri-Boost.

  • Targeting the bio-chemical needs of the body during peri-menopause
  • Plant-based with clinical dosage levels
  • Access to a team of hand-picked menopause specialists
  • Subscribe for private access to The Powder Room community