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And why co-creation is the future

30 Mar, 2022

Perhaps it is because my background is that of a researcher, but it was entirely instinctive for me to create MPowder as a co-creation community rather than adhering to a traditional business model. I’ve spent my career listening hard, and supporting other brands and businesses in better connecting with their communities.

30 Mar, 2022

With MPowder I wanted to go a step further and bake each and every individual that is part of this community into everything we do. To do more than reference the label of ‘community’ - but to actually let go a little, and allow each and every one of you to determine our direction of travel.

Why? I believe one of the most important steps required to reframe midlife is the amplification of a myriad of voices, each with their own unique stories. And to make real change happen - to make products that fundamentally improve our health, to develop programmes that engage, reframe and educate - we have to do more than amplify…


We have to act.

Which means letting go of the neat roadmaps and the reins a little.

And accepting that there is no neat single story either.

But by shining a spotlight on the breadth of experience that is midlife in all its magnificence, we enable people to find themselves, as well as each other. I also know that, because each menopause journey is different, our role, as custodians of what you’re making with us, must always be to facilitate a space where everyone is welcome.


Today you, as a community of over 11,000 women:

  • Verify our products for efficacy
  • Vote on the Meno-Well event topics we host
  • Share the recipes you make with our blends
  • Tell us where you want us stocked next
  • Invite us into your workplace to host training programmes
  • Invite us (digitally!) into your homes to host Hormone House Parties for your friends!


You make us. And we’re incredibly grateful. But we still have more to do.

So, today’s Big Read is different in format. Because today’s newsletter is an ask!

Over the next 7 days we’re doing two things I’d love your involvement in:

We’re opening up The Powder Room, our private Facebook group, to each and every one of you in our Big Read community. A place to ask questions, access our events and meet each other, it’s been in stealth mode for some time. And now is the time to shape it more explicitly for you…To apply to join, simply click HERE. And we’ll be sure to open the door and let you in!

Which brings me to my second request. The Powder Room is currently hosting a quick survey. And we’d love you to share your thoughts on where we should be going next. Simply head into the private Facebook group, have a look around…and tell us what you want next by accessing the survey link which is pinned at the top of the conversion thread.

Next week, normal service resumes! But I thank you now for your continued support, input and passion for all we are looking to achieve.

With love, Rebekah


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