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Reflections on talking midlife, in real life

31 Mar, 2022

This week we hosted our first live event at Selfridges, London, with the brilliant nutritionist and MPowder friend, Nicki Williams, founder of Happy Hormones for Life.

31 Mar, 2022

It was such a privilege to have the opportunity to share my own perimenopause journey, to hear Nicki break down her nutritional guidelines into easy-to-digest nuggets of good sense - and to listen to the stories of all the phenomenal women in the room.

Because I have found where I belong (right here, with you!), I sometimes forget that, for many women, menopause can be one of the most lonely places in the world. Because we're ‘in it together’ - exploring, interrogating, sharing our experiences - it is easy to lose sight of the fact that many women are still coming to terms with this ‘thing’ no one warned them about.

They’re frustrated by the mixed messages they read in the media about medical protocols.

They’re confused about the latest diet fads being pushed by influencers.

They’re tired of fighting to be taken seriously by their doctor.

They just want to talk honestly about what will help. So, that is what we did.

We discussed:

  • What menopause ‘is’ and how you know if you’re in it
  • What our hormones do - how they interact with each other and with every single cell in our bodies
  • How important it is to learn to digest stress before you even begin looking at what you’re putting on your plate;
  • The foods that can support four hormones that can cause the most disruption in midlife: Oestrogen, Insulin, Thyroid and Cortisol. - Check out our interview with Nicki HERE to learn more about what she calls the Feisty Four!
  • We talked about what makes MPowder different; the complete nutritional profile of our blends, the whole food components that aid bio-availability, the symptoms we tackle - and how quickly we can see them working (we are particularly proud of the fact that our customers report seeing results in just 3-4 weeks).
  • What else you may need if you’re supplementing with MPowder every day: we recommend an Omega 3 if you’re vegan or struggle to get a good two portions of oily fish on your plate a week.

Our audience ranged from 33 year olds wanting to know how they could preemptively take care of their hormones (hello Peri-Boost!) and health to a phenomenal woman who was 71 and, after over years and years of disrupted sleep, delighted to discover the impact that Meno-Boost has had on hot flashes in our community.


Up next.

Tuesday 23rd March, The Two Ducks, Woking: We’ll be hosting a Hormone House Party at the beautifully curated craft shop and cafe, owned by our lovely MPowder community member Claire, in Woking. Please note this event is already SOLD OUT.

Where next?

Last night made us more determined to find the spaces where conversation should happen. To facilitate safe environments where we can ask about the stuff we don’t know. To share our tools and shine a spotlight on our amazing experts. To explain the value of our powders. But also, to communicate a truth to challenge the narratives we have been handed about menopause…

This life-stage can be a stepping up point. And Part 2 can be all you want it to be.

Think that we should be heading to a space near you? Drop us a line at

With love,

Rebekah & The MPowder Team.

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