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Resistance training as a critical tool in midlife

31 Mar, 2022

"…shorter, more focused workouts, alongside good nutrition, sleep and stress management can change a woman’s life dramatically". Kate Oakley, Founder of Your Future Fit.

31 Mar, 2022

Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing the brilliant personal trainer Kate Oakley as part of our Phenomenal Women series. And she is truly phenomenal! Kate’s own menopause journey will feel familiar to many of us. Working hard, juggling the realities of home life alongside a career that required regular international travel, she began to notice changes to her body - along with other symptoms that began to impact on life;

"– disturbed sleep, crazy high body temperatures, mood swings, lack of libido and more. It gradually occurred to me that I could be peri menopausal, and my ever-fluctuating hormones were responsible for all these changes."

..but few of us turn the challenges experienced, harness a life-long love of fitness - and decide to become an expert in providing effective fitness programmes for peri and menopausal women! Kate’s work hones in on a fascinating ‘niche’ within fitness - and for good reason;

‘I became passionate about resistance training and technique – understanding that shorter, more focused workouts, alongside good nutrition, sleep and stress management can change a woman’s life dramatically for the better.’

As always, I asked Kate to reflect a little on what she’s learned personally - both as a result of transitioning into menopause - and as a result of living through a global pandemic (and starting a new career in the middle of it!);

‘I started to make breathwork a daily practice a few months into lockdown. After trying a multitude of different meditation types – this is what works for me. It slows my heart rate right down, I feel less anxious, calmer and more balanced on the days I practice it.

I think it’s something I’ll now do forever.

On a more personal level, I’ve learnt to start talking to myself as I would a friend - with love, empathy and compassion. I haven’t totally cracked it but I am getting there!’

This interview is full of beautiful nuggets of reflection and valuable tips on starting a resistance training routine. To read the conversation in full, click HERE.

With love, Rebekah and the MPowder Team.


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