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Five things I've learned in 2023

14 Dec, 2023

One of my favourite things about this community is its collective curiosity.
Three and a bit years into our journey together and the pace of new insights into this lifestage, the benefits of a whole body and mind approach to menopause and the potential of botanicals, herbs and whole foods as a foundational layer only increases.

14 Dec, 2023

I believe that; despite the challenges many of us face navigating midlife, we’re incredibly lucky to be doing it right now. We have the power to influence a lot. Here are 5 things that I learned this year that have made a big difference.

1. Our environment impacts our endocrine system and therefore our body’s ability to both produce and balance hormones:

Did you catch our fascinating Meno.Well Masterclass with the brilliant Pamela Windle last month? She talked in detail about the effect everyday household cleaners as well as the products we use may be having on our menopause symptoms. Curious to learn more? Download the Yuka app and scan those brands on your shopping list to understand how they rank and whether you may want to swap them out for a kinder solution.

2. Relying on willpower to get me to exercise doesn’t work:

Making it a non negotiable start to the day does. I’m learning not to allow how I feel to make me waver. If you’re heading to the gym, pack the bag the night before (or you WILL forget your underwear😉). Don’t think. Just go. You never regret it.

3. Breathwork benefits from personal tuition:

I love an app, but committing to learn more about breathwork guided by a practitioner has been transformative.

4. We need to be even more vigilant about UPFs in menopause:

Our metabolic rate and gut microbiota are already impacted. Take dietary change one meal at a time. Make it about what new stuff you introduce ‘in’, rather than what you have to let go. You will feel more energised and you should see your body starting to behave more as it should do. Without overhearing, the biggest change for me has been regular bowel movements..and a sliding away go some stubborn weight.

5. Eating chocolate is good for you!

Cacao is a fruit high in fibre, flavonoids, magnesium and phenylethylamine (PEA for short), which is thought to boost levels of the feel-good hormones dopamine and serotonin. And high cocoa content 'bean to bar' chocolate that hasn’t been through the Dutch process, can improve the diversity of our gut microbiota. I'm taking this as permission to continue learning about the work of clever craft chocolatiers, who are not only reframing how we think about and eat chocolate, but building purpose-driven ethical businesses too.

Finally, and I promise this isn’t biased! MOOD-FOOD, our first encapsulated powder has been a game changer for me. There is now a space between something happening and how I respond. Stress is always there but I feel better able to manage it…something that I feel will be particularly helpful this time next weekend!

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With love Rebekah and the MPowder team.

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