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2 Aug, 2023

What at-home tools work? An expert’s view. This Meno.Well workshop was an open mic with midlife skincare pro Justine Masters. Our focus? On the tools that can really make a difference to the health of our skin in menopause.

2 Aug, 2023

Our collagen production decreases more rapidly in midlife. This, plus the impact that hormone fluctuations can have on our skin - from changes in texture to hormonal acne, rosacea and more - mean we can benefit from rethinking our skincare routine.

We know from our patient-reported tracking trials that both the Peri-Boost and the Meno-Boost are powerful tools in nourishing your skin from within. But we’re also big believers in ‘layering up’ and applying a curious mind to other practices. And Justine was the ideal guide.

She is a favourite in our community for her pragmatic ‘high street to high end’ approach to product evaluation. These are a few of her favourite practices and finds.

1. Face cupping: a low cost practice that works well alongside gua sha techniques - and for some, much easier to master, cupping tools can stimulate the dermis layer and retrain muscles. Use around the jawline and around fine lines. And practice daily. Justine likes the range from HERE.

2. Radio frequency tools: to boost collagen and elastin and tighten and tone, bringing nutrients to the surface of the skin. Justine uses the professional tools from Tripollar in her treatment rooms and recommends their at-home offering too.

3. Microcurrent tools: Justine has had her NuFace tool for 8 years and it is still going strong! Microcurrent devices use low voltage electricity to help lift and tone muscle - and there are over 32 of them on our face! Facialists refer to the process as re-education, this technique will often ‘lift’ muscles into the desired place, and effectively retrain them. It can help stimulate collagen and elastin production as well. FIND OUT MORE.

4. Fascia blasters: a budget friendly tool designed to target the fascia where our skin can show signs of dimpling. Justine has seen strong results using this on stomach and thighs. Her one watch out? Watch the videos to ensure correct implementation! Misuse can lead to bruising and discomfort. LEARN MORE.

As with all advice shared in our community, it’s important to flag that every body is different. If you have extreme skin sensitivities or conditions it is always worth talking to an expert first. In addition some tools are not suitable if you have underlying health issues - like epilepsy, heart issues (eg pacemaker) or are diabetic. Justine is always happy to take questions direct via her instagram feed HERE.

Finally- with all tools, and invariably with all things in life (!), consistency is key. If you’re looking to try any of the tools outlined above, commit to a month of application. Make it part of your self care ritual rather than something to rush through. By consciously applying a little love, you will also calm your mind.

Do let us know how you get on.

With love, Rebekah and the MPowder Team.

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