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Menopause through the lens of naturopathy and herbalism

18 May, 2022

A growing body of research is supporting our rationale for beginning our co-creation community with a foundational focus on nutrition.

18 May, 2022

Our community symptom tracking studies, the experience of our experts working with women in midlife 1:1 for years…the customers who share their experience every week through our free symptom tracking service…and now, the largest piece of early research by the gut-focused team Zoe, at Kings College London; the potential of whole food and supplement is an exciting one because it is open to all of us, regardless of medical history.

Which is why we always look forward to our Meno-Well digital workshops with our consultant naturopath and herbalist, Dr. Vera Martins. And why we’re delighted to be inviting her back to talk to you on Thursday 19th May.

If you’ve not heard Dr. Martins speak on the value of herbs, spices and foods in midlife, you’re in for a treat. Her philosophy focuses on a unique approach to body and mind balance that she has honed as a result of her work both complementing HRT protocols and working with other holistic interventions. We will explore her 4 pillars of nourishment:

  • Gut health:
    The best anti-inflammatory foods, wholegrains and plants, probiotics and the value of mindful eating.

  • Blood sugar balance:
    The benefits of complex carbohydrates, the inclusion of protein with every meal, omega 3 rich food and gentle but regular exercise.

  • Liver health:
    The brilliance of cruciferous vegetables and other foots that promote healthy liver function, fibre, lemon as a superhero and hydration.

  • Stress management:
    Introducing highly effective self care practices, breathwork, gentle exercise, and blood sugar balance strategies.

We will also look at supplementation - and the benefits of a few of our favourite ingredients in the MPowder range. As always, this workshop will be interactive with plenty of time for questions. I look forward to seeing you there.

With love, Rebekah and the MPowder Team.

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