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The goodness of the humble cacao pod

MPowder Team

18 Apr, 2022

I’ve always enjoyed Easter more than Christmas as a family firebreaker. You’re pretty much guaranteed a 100% success rate on any gifting that takes place. This means that, in the UK, you get 4 days of real ‘time off’ - rather than a holiday period spent standing in queues and panic buying to overcompensate for lack of inspiration (just me?!).

And, of course, the traditions of Easter have become tangled up in a relatively modern association with chocolate.

​​Fry and Sons are believed to have introduced the first commercial chocolate Easter egg in Britain in 1873 - although the courts of Louis XIV had enjoyed extravagant artistic chocolate eggs much earlier. Just two years’ later, Cadbury created the modern chocolate Easter egg after developing a pure cocoa butter that could be moulded into smooth shapes.

The key raw ingredient of chocolate, the pod the Mayans referred to as the ‘Food of the Gods’, is a powerhouse of nutritional goodness. And in its purer forms, chocolate can be a valuable addition to our diet in menopause.

Cacao is a rich source of magnesium which supports nerve function, bones, hormone balance, sleep and blood pressure. It is also an important mineral in supporting the body in regulating calcium. Research has shown that cacao’s powerful antioxidant properties can improve cognitive function and skin health. And that, due to the presence of a neuro-active substance called phenylethylamine (PEA for short), it can improve mood, and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

We include raw cacao in Peri-Boost, our nutritionally dense powdered supplement designed to tackle the most troubling symptoms or perimenopause. It delivers a daily shot of goodness whilst keeping your blood sugar in balance.

The wonderful chocolatier Amelia Rope, recommends introducing your taste buds to a bean-to-bar brand. Don’t be afraid of the dark! With the right technique, high cocoa content bars can be smooth, complex and delicious.

Equally, if your heart wants a sugar ladened, gooey cadbury creme egg that fires up your serotonin levels and takes you back to childhood Easters in a single bite, then that is absolutely to be embraced too!

For more reflections on the benefits of cacao and chocolate, and the impact it had on her menopause journey, you can rewatch our LIVE with Amelia HERE. Her instagram @amelia_rope is a great follow too - with regular LIVES with chocolate makers across the globe. Grab an egg, sit back and enjoy - it really is good for you!

With love, Rebekah & the MPowder Team.

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