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The Powder Room is our growing closed facebook community for Makers, Pre Order customers and subscribers to our blends. A space to learn, connect and explore. A place to share stories, tips. A place to connect - online, and whenever we can, in real life too.

Meet our MPowder Makers

But The Powder Room is about more than conversation. It is the space where we collaborate with our MPowder Makers; sharing products, for free, before they hit the shelves.

Our Makers help us verify impact and refine taste. They find new inspiring ways to incorporate our powders into their routines. They make us better. To join us in The Powder Room simply subscribe to receive your powders every 3 months (3 x pouches).

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Meet our first blend. Peri-Boost.

  • Targeting the bio-chemical needs of the body during peri-menopause
  • Plant-based with clinical dosage levels
  • Access to a team of hand-picked menopause specialists
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