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Mmmmm Bar

MPowder Team

24 Feb, 2021


Peri-Boost 30g (3 level tbsp)
Nut Butter (we use almond but peanut works well too)
2 tbsp
Vanilla Essence
Raisins 10
Milk of choice A dash
Oats 1 tbsp
Raw Honey Drizzle


Powder Peri-Boost
Prep time 10 minutes
Single serving. Simply build on this to cover the
days you want to have a change.


Put all the ingredients in a blend and blitz. Check consistency is wet enough to shape - if not, add a tiny bit of additional milk. Then shape with your hands and pop in the fridge to firm up. We actually prefer to make 2-3 balls rather than a single bar and nibble through the morning.

With love from MPowder.


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